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Coping Strategies 2: From Diary to Meme Creation

From Sept. 21-22, the conference "COPING STRATEGIES 2: From Diary to Meme Creation" of the Department of Folkloristics of the Estonian Literary Museum will take place in Äksi Moto ranch. The conference will continue the analysis of the project topics and examine vernacular adaptation and coping strategies.
The aim of the conference is to expand and deepen the theme, which was started with the first international conference on humanitarian sciences in early August.
According to the organisers, Katre Kikas and Anastasiya Fiadotava, on the one hand, the focus is on how individuals and groups interpret major societal changes and upheavals. On the other hand, the choices and solutions that people and communities face in their everyday lives are of interest.
*What verbal and visual genre tools are applied in these situations?
*Are these more private or public, personal or community choices?
The conference will include, for example, meme creation, fictitious events, keeping diaries, role-model search, and a number of other examples from both present and past times.

The conference program and presentation abstracts are available on the website:
ELM 8-2/20/3 project supports the conference and The Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies (TK 145) through the European Regional Development Fund.

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